8 Reasons To Have Your Own Personal Legal Pot Grower

Now here the better information or reasons to legal pot Grover in descending order

8. The marijuana is shipped right to your door. Who doesn’t want medical marijuana shipped to their door in the same fashion a good old pizza is delivered. The Grower provides you with a tracking number making the deal a flawless one.

7. Its typically cheaper than street price. Your not gonna have to hit up a shady back alley pot dealer, or even hassle your buddy to swing by. The cost of medical weed in Canada from a designated grower is typically much less than off the street.

6. Growing takes time knowledge, effort and money. Most do not realize that back breaking effort and enormous costs involved with growing medical grade marijuana. Not to mention it takes a bit of knowledge. Ask yourself, do you have the spare thousands it takes to set up a medical grow room? Do you have any motivation whatsoever? Can you even keep a house plant alive?

5. The grower will be fully licensed and approved by Health Canada
The grower has already had a criminal record check and has gone through Health Canada’s application process, so there is no need to think your working with some king pin drug dealer.

4. The quality of an experienced licensed growers pot is usually way above average.
Growing is trial and error and takes quite a bit of practice. The quality of weed is quite good these days, but guess what? Most quality pot comes from experienced growers.

3. The grower can match the strain that suits your condition.
Your grower can work with you and help suit you with a strain that relieves your condition. Have insomnia? Then a heavy indica should knock you out for the night.

2. You receive a consistent supply of marijuana matching your prescription.
If your town runs dry of bud, you’re not gonna have to panic. Your grower will make sure that your allotted daily amount is covered. If that is still not enough for you? Go to your doctor and get your prescription raised.

1. It is actually quite easy to get your medical marijuana cards in Canada.
Since its quite easy to get your medical marijuana license in Canada, why not have a pro grow your cannabis? Most think they are not eligible but you can get a license even if you’re sick of taking ibuprofen.

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